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National Accounts

Centralized convenience for your company

Now you can say goodbye to the hassle of contacting multiple properties and managing numerous reservations. Instead, we do it all for you—lodging plan development, budget management, you name it. Discover the convenience of centralized booking, direct billing and a National Sales Department that’s dedicated to your needs.

Make your job easier—and your team happier

Looking to book large blocks of hotel rooms? Value Place offers everything that matters to your employees—like cleaner, safer rooms—at affordable rates that matter to your bottom line.

Additional benefits of our National Accounts program:

  • Centralized booking, direct billing and billing alternatives
  • Centralized customer service with a designated account manager
  • No bundling or bulking up prices with “fluff” amenities and services
  • Lodging plan development
  • No lease or binding contracts
  • Priority availability across 178 Value Place locations
  • Updates on promotions

“The National Sales team at Value Place makes it very convenient to book our rooms and handle situations. The direct billing makes it so simple to book anytime and keep track of rooms per location. Every property has been very accommodating and helpful.”

Do you qualify?

You may qualify for National Account status if your company:

  • Has a regional or national presence
  • Has a projected spend of at least $10,000 annually on employee lodging at Value Place
  • Stays at three or more Value Place properties

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What experience can you promise your employees?

All Value Place properties adhere to the same meticulous standards of quality—which is why you can count on a consistent, positive experience no matter what Value Place you go to.

If your company is new to Value Place, here are a few of the benefits your employees will appreciate:

  • Astonishingly clean, fully furnished rooms – a 99-step cleaning process at every checkout plus bi-weekly housekeeping
  • Modified kitchens – stovetop, full-size fridge, eating area
  • Under-the-bed storage
  • Free cable and utilities
  • Onsite coin laundry – available 24 hours
  • Linen exchange, additional housekeeping,Internet and dish packs available for purchase
  • Brightly lit facilities, security cameras, interior corridors, 24/7 key-card access and an onsite safety attendant

Along with the affordable rates that are just right for your company’s budget, your employees will love the basic comforts, convenience and strong sense of community here at Value Place.

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Our Current Special Offers

$5 Off Your First Night in January

$5 off

Valid on new stays booked on between Jan. 9th and Jan. 31st.

Free WiFi For Your First Week in January

Free WiFi

Valid on new stays booked on between Jan. 9th and Jan. 31st.

$20 Off Your First Week in January

$20 off

Valid on new stays booked on between Jan. 9th and Jan. 31st.