Our Promise To You

Because we know what matters.

What's the Value Place promise? A truly affordable, incredibly clean, much safer experience that's always simple to fit your needs. No matter what brings you to Value Place, you can count on a respectful, helpful and friendly team dedicated to keeping the Value Place promise to our guests.


At Value Place, we're amazed at what some hotels—even extended stay hotels and motels—call "affordable." Sometimes the rate is so high that guests clearly have to sacrifice financially in order to stay there. Other times the price is right—but what do you have to give up for the discount? Cleanliness? Personal safety? When we say affordable weekly rates, we mean it. As in rates you can actually afford without having to give up anything that matters to you or your loved ones. Sure, Value Place isn't about fluff—you won't find a workout room or a mint on your pillow. But you will find all the essentials you need for living like a modified kitchen and more in a remarkably cleaner, safer environment. That's what real value means to us. And that's why we call it Value Place.


Value Place isn't just clean, it's squeaky clean. That's because our cleaning standards go above and beyond what you'll find anywhere. Want an example? We shampoo the carpet and wash the shower curtain and bedspread after every checkout—how many extended stay hotels, motels or other lodging accommodations can say that? None that we know of. Guests who stay on at Value Place also benefit from our housekeeping services every two weeks. So how can we promise rooms this clean at such affordable weekly rates? Because our Studio Attendants follow checklists of simple, thorough and effective housekeeping practices and never miss a spot. Our Attendants know they're making a difference to each and every guest, ensuring that we're upholding our superior cleaning standards.


Personal safety isn't something you necessarily think about when it comes to extended stay hotels—until you've felt unsafe in one. At Value Place, we take "safe" seriously. Why? Because your peace of mind matters. That's why you'll feel safer at Value Place. We've created a safer environment in so many ways—starting right outside with safer, brightly lit parking lots and facilities.

We don't have exterior-door rooms like at extended stay hotels and motels.

Electronically locked 24/7, Value Place buildings have four interior-corridor entrance/exit points that require key card access. All guest rooms have window locks and self-closing doors with deadbolts and secondary latch hooks. You'll also feel safer knowing that eight CCTV cameras are installed in public areas and connected to a digital video recorder, including in the common laundry room, which also requires a key card to enter.

Value Place is safer than your typical extended stay hotel.

Several Value Place employees are available 24/7 to uphold our rigorous safety standards. We also run a criminal background check on all of our team members and train them on how best to enforce our zero-tolerance policy. At Value Place, we respect your privacy, which is why we won't give out the names of our guests to anyone unless required by the police—with whom we have a strong and effective relationship at the local level.

ID scans and more ensure a safer Value Place experience.

To stay at Value Place, every adult guest must register at the front desk and sign an Occupancy Agreement that explains our rules and requirements. In addition to scanning each guest’s license/valid photo ID, we check names against the Family Watchdog/Sex Offender database—and we don’t know of anyone else who takes such important precautionary steps to help ensure the safety of guests.


The Value Place experience is about personalizing your stay based on your preferences. Everything you need is right here waiting for you—all the basics like a stovetop and full-size refrigerator, an onsite laundry room, plus only the amenities you really want. That’s one of the things that makes us different from a hotel. We don’t force you to pay for amenities and services by padding them into the price. Instead, you can pick and choose some—or none—of the add-ons that matter to you. No hidden fees, no surprises. No credit check or utilities to set up. Just a simple, uncluttered room and a straightforward way of doing things at every Value Place you go to. How beautifully uncomplicated. Learn about our features and add-ons.