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Value Place Partners with City of Phoenix to Enhance Safety of Local Hotels, Neighborhoods

WICHITA, Kan., May 25, 2007– Value Place and the City of Phoenix announced today that they have joined forces in the Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program, a major new initiative that will enhance the safety of local hotels and neighborhoods. Value Place, a national extended stay chain, is the first hotel to participate in the city’s program.

Phoenix’s Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program is a spin-off of the city’s successful Crime Free Multi-Housing Program designed for apartment communities. Participation by hotels is voluntary and requires the completion of a three-phase certification program, which includes property safety inspections by police and ongoing training on how to recognize and prevent criminal activity.

“The program is designed to be very easy for participants and yet extremely effective,” said Phoenix Vice Mayor Dave Siebert. “The goal is to open the lines of communication between the police department and hotel/motel managers, so we can all share our challenges and work together to reduce and ultimately eliminate crime,” he said.

The Crime Free Hotel/Motel initiative is a copyrighted program developed by the Mesa, Ariz., police department in 1995. It has since spread across the country, resulting in hundreds of partnerships between police and business managers. Statistics show that the program is effective in reducing drug activity, theft and auto theft.

“Safety and community development is at the heart of the Value Place brand, and we are proud to be the first hotel chain in Phoenix to engage in this powerful community initiative,” said Gina-Lynne Scharoun, Value Place Franchise Services president. “We fully realize the benefits of partnering with law enforcement to keep our properties, guests and surrounding neighborhoods safe, and will do whatever we can operationally to support the city and our mutual desire to create a crime-free community,” she said.

Value Place, based in Wichita, Kan., is one of the nation’s fastest growing hotel brands. It now has 42 open properties in 36 states and nearly 600 franchise commitments nationwide for its extended stay brand. Three properties will open in Phoenix over the next year. Value Place offers cleaner, safer, simpler, affordable lodging for weekly or longer stays.

Jack DeBoer founded Value Place and is credited with inventing the extended stay hotel concept. He also founded Residence Inn, Summerfield Suites and Candlewood Suites.

“Value Place’s participation in our Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program sends a strong message that they are serious about safety and have zero-tolerance for unacceptable behavior,” Siebert said. We hope that other hotels will follow their lead and join the program. The more participation we have, the greater the impact will be,” he said.

Hotel/motel properties interested in participating in the Phoenix Crime Free Hotel/Motel Program to enhance security at their facilities can contact their respective precinct stations for further information.

About Value Place
Value Place is one of the fastest growing brands in the hospitality industry, soon to be represented in 36 states. The hotel chain specializes in providing a lower cost, cleaner, safer and simpler extended stay lodging alternative for America’s growing number of small business travelers and professional consultants, as well as for families who are moving to new communities. More information on Value Place is available at

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