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The form below is a quick way to provide feedback, get help with future reservations, to get more information on our National Accounts program or to start a conversation about franchise opportunities. If don’t see an exact match for your concern or need, please note there might be a better way for us to provide assistance. There are a few, common inquiries addressed beneath the form. Please note that we don’t monitor this form or submissions 24/7.

CURRENT GUESTS – If you need immediate support – call the front desk (x500 or x501 from your room phone or find the front desk’s number on each location’s page). Guests can also call 800 ValuePlace for slightly-less-urgent issues (it could take a few hours to address your need).

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CAREERS INQUIRIES – If you have submitted your resume to come work with us or are interested in being part of the Value Place team, thanks. Materials submitted for a “Headquarters” career will typically be reviewed within five business days and our HR team will be in touch, as appropriate. If you are looking for employment at any of our locations – you should follow up with the property directly. You can find their addresses and phone numbers on our site’s location page.

RESERVATIONS – If you would like to be a guest at any of our locations, you can find more information including our locations, rates, and room availability and book your stay on this site or you do these things by calling a location’s front desk (find the number on the location page for each property) or at 800 ValuePlace. You can also modify or cancel existing reservations through the site, by calling or visiting the front desk, or calling 800 ValuePlace.

E-MAIL SUPPORT – If you would like to sign up for our promotional e-mails featuring news, promotions, and special content please add your e-mail address on the green “bar” on our homepage. If you want to stop receiving these notes please open any e-mail you have received from us and click on “unsubscribe” at the very bottom of the note.

You can also find answers to many of the questions you might have on our FAQ’s page.

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