Our History

When hospitality entrepreneur Jack DeBoer founded Residence Inn® in 1975, he invented an innovative category to the hospitality industry: extended stay. The market responded with enthusiasm, and Jack and his development team went on to create additional extended stay brands Summerfield Suites® and Candlewood Suites®.

Always the innovator, Jack DeBoer realized that the industry still wasn’t meeting the needs of a large segment of the market that demanded low-cost, short-term accommodations without sacrificing quality. In 2003, Jack and his team developed Value Place, reinventing the extended stay category that he helped create.

Value Place delivers short-term lodging to a broad demographic that includes business professionals, families, housing transitioners, leisure travelers and military personnel.

“We've taken all we've learned from building over 16,000 apartments and three successful hotel brands and used it to create a new brand that fills a genuine market need.”

Jack DeBoer

Chairman and Founder

Our Growth

Locations Nationwide
Value Place is the largest economy extended stay franchise in the United States. With a 2.1% increase in demand for extended-stay properties in 2012 alone(1), Value Place is seeing increased demand for the economy extended stay segment. Join a rapidly growing need in the hospitality industry, and capitalize on prime investment locations today.

Our Leadership

  • Jack DeBoer

    Jack DeBoer

    Chairman and Founder


  • Kyle Rogg

    Kyle Rogg

    President and Chief Operating Officer


  • Glenn McFarland

    Glenn McFarland

    Senior Vice President of Brand and Franchise Operations


  • Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandez

    Senior Vice President of Quality and Safety


  • Jim Strawn

    Jim Strawn

    President of Value Place Construction Services


  • Dave Raehpour

    Dave Raehpour

    Vice President of Sales and Marketing


  • David Redfern

    David Redfern

    President of Real Estate Development


  • Ron Burgett

    Ron Burgett

    Executive Vice President of Franchise Development


Our Core Values

Weekly rates that are valued by our broad demographic of quality guests.
Our level of detail goes above and beyond the standards of most hotels.
Well-lit parking lots, policies to protect guest privacy and high accessibility to property managers establishes a sense of security.
Guests can pay weekly and choose the amenities that are important to them.

What makes Value Place special?

Start with an astonishingly clean, furnished suite that’s simple to maintain, yet equipped with a full kitchen. Add a safe, secure environment that sets the standard in the industry. Package it up in a conveniently located, visually appealing, newly constructed facility and deliver with friendly service and a low weekly rate and you have Value Place.

The formula works. In less than a decade, Jack DeBoer and his renowned development team have grown Value Place to become the largest extended stay franchise with properties coast to coast and a pattern of steady growth. In a 2010 article by USA Today, Value Place was deemed a “recession proof” business.(2)

Our Guests

The Value Place guest consists of a wide demographic that represents the best of the American spirit: entrepreneurial, resourceful, financially savvy and hard-working. While most major hotel and extended stay brands are built to serve business travelers from Fortune 1000 companies, Value Place was created to serve the needs of millions of small and medium-sized businesses as well as a growing legion of self-employed professionals.

Value Place guests stay with us an average of four times per year for business travel, vacations, or while relocating for work. They seek value in their accommodations so they can save money for their companies, or to spend their hard-earned dollars on entertainment, amenities and dining out. Most importantly, they choose Value Place because they are confident that spending less won’t mean sacrificing consistent quality, cleanliness or safety.

For our guests, Value Place delivers a truly affordable, clean, safe, and simple experience that brings peace of mind and tremendous value.

“The affordability of the entire Value Place chain allows me to travel the country and experience more of life and always know my next Value Place stay will be great.”

Value Place Guest

Ocala, Florida

Guest Demographics3

The Value Place guest demographic is 46% business and 54% residential/leisure.

Guest Demographics
    Traveling for work
    Relocating for work
    Transitioning between homes
    Family crisis
    Visiting family

Our Results

Extended Stay Lodging Demand

  • 2.1%

    increase in 2012(1)
  • 9.1%

    increase in room revenues in 2012 (4)
  • 86.5%

    Value Place occupancy rate, exceeding the U.S. economy extended stay industry average occupancy, which is 79%(4,5)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What interested you in the Value Place business opportunity at the outset?

    When asked this question, many of our current franchisees had the same answer: lower risk, a stable model and attractive returns. Not many businesses can say that they grew exponentially in a down economy and continue to grow and yield results.
  • How does the Brand provide value to a franchisee?

    The Value Place team guides a franchisee through the entire development process: from construction support, to property management, to ongoing training programs, and especially to driving revenue to properties, Value Place strives to assist all of its franchisees and properties into being successful.
  • Why would I build a Value Place vs. another economy extended stay brand?

    The proven stabilization of the brand is what attracts many of our franchisees, along with our unique staffing model and consistency of Brand standards across all properties. The business model is sustainable while risk is minimal.
  • How does the brand assist a franchisee in terms of marketing, sales and driving revenue to the property?

    A sophisticated strategy that integrates marketing on multiple medias has both expanded Brand awareness and funneled guests into properties. The Brand also ensures that properties live up to the Brand values it promises to customers. Stringent Quality Assurance programs throughout the system ensures there is a consistent customer experience of consistent cleanliness and safety that draws customers back to the properties.
  • Value Place property development appears to be constructed to minimum standards. Does that translate into minimum standard property maintenance and exterior property maintenance?

    Absolutely not. We build every Value Place from the ground up and always meet and often times exceed all code requirements that apply to our projects. We also have an industry-leading quality assurance program in place that governs both internal and external property maintenance, cleanliness and safety.

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(5) The occupancy rate is based on the results of 44 stabilized, company-owned properties during 2012. Of the properties included, 44 (or 100%), achieved or surpassed the stated occupancy rate. A new licensee's performance may differ from the results stated